HBH Local Off-Take Initiative

This is an ambitious initiative designed to enable Africans resident in Africa Off-take Food and Agricultural Produce directly from Rural Farmers and Food Processors within Africa at a significantly discounted rate without paying money in advance.
Food items are shipped to Sub-Consolidators on credit, who will in turn deliver same to consumers based on orders aggregated in advance from the participating consumers within their catchment areas.


  1. 1. ADCL in collaboration with its Franchisees, shall appoint Sub-Consolidators for each State or Region within Africa.
  2. 2. Each Sub-Consolidator shall be responsible for On-boarding consumers on their HectarebyHectare Social Medial Platforms and delivering Food items to them based on Pre-orders.
  3. 3. ⁠The Sub-Consolidators shall make profit from every item purchased by Consumers within their network.



1. You shall formally express interest to participate as a Sub-Consolidator.

2. Upon receipt of your expression of Interest, a Provisional appointment letter shall be issued to you.

3. Upon receipt of your Provisional Letter of Appointment, you shall be required to open a UBA savings account with a minimum balance of N50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira) only and execute the Cautionary Deposit Instruction in respect of the account. This will enable the account serve as a collateral for the goods that ADCL will send to you from time to time on credit.

You can open your UBA Savings Account by clicking on the following link

For guidance on the account and completion of the Cautionary Deposit Instruction, please contact
Ms. Chidinma of UBA PLC on 08149921199.

4. Upon opening your account, you shall thereafter be required to forward the names and telephone numbers (WhatsApp Lines only) of at least 10 participants to 08022680636, after which a cooperative group shall be set up for you and a group number assigned.

5. Upon creating a WhatsApp group for you and your members, ADCL shall commence the process of opening an account for your Cooperative.

6. Upon completion of the account opening process, ADCL shall forward the Cooperative account number and transaction code to you. Thereafter, you shall be added to the Hectare by Hectare Transactions Platform after which food items shall be sent to you on credit from time to time.


  1. 1. ADCL shall from time to time publish available items on the Transactions Platform.
  2. 2. Sub-Consolidators shall in turn re-broadcast available items on their social media platforms for their consumers/participants.
  3. 3. ⁠The Consumers/Participants shall place their orders through their Sub-Consolidators.
  4. 4. ⁠Upon receipt of Such orders, the Sub-Consolidators shall deliver to the Consumers/Participants from the stock held by them.


  1. 1. ADCL – Administrative/Aggregation Fee.
  2. 2. ⁠Sub-Consolidator – 40% of net income from each item purchased by the Consumers.
  3. 3. ⁠Produce Aggregator and Farm To Home Agent – 60% of net income from each item purchased by consumers.
  4. 4. The Cooperative Group shall be entitled to 20% of Administrative/Aggregation fee due to ADCL for every item purchased by every member belonging to the group.
  5. 5. As cash refund to your Cooperative members or Consumers, they shall be entitled to a Percentage of the Administrative fee payable for each item they purchase.
  6. 6. Members of your cooperative or consumer group shall buy every food item at below market price.
  7. a. Quality and traceability is guaranteed as the food items shall be coming directly from registered farmers, food processors and produce aggregators.
  8. b. For every item they purchase, a cash saving shall be paid into their Cooperative Reserve Fund Account.
  9. c. The Cooperative Reserve Fund Account shall be used as cash collateral where any member of the cooperative wishes to borrow money from any participating financial institution.
  10. 7. Where you introduce new sub-consolidators, you shall be entitled to 10% of the administrative fee payable on all items sold through the sub-consolidators.

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