Concept Note

Leadership4leadership E-Commerce programme is programme being promoted by Lawquest Foundation and Soleca Services in collaboration with other members of Adasomi and Revacom Consortium. It is a unique programme developed for the Promotion of Employment, Wealth Creation, Basic Legal Education, Mentorship, Leadership Training and access to justice for all Africans.

We are building one of Africa’s unique and most inclusive e-commerce Programme.

Under the Leadership 4 Leadership e-Commerce Programme, everyone gets an opportunity to participate and earn money from the production and sale of regular day to day goods within Africa.

The problem with Africa is distribution of wealth. It’s that simple.

We have people, we just don’t have enough outlets to create value. Which is why the Leadership 4 Leadership e-Commerce programme was created.

In this programme, every participant has an opportunity to sell products that people buy regularly.

To make it easier for you to sell these products, the products will have the following features;

1) They will be authentic and from the original manufacturers.

2) They will be discounted such that you can’t find the product at lower price anywhere else.

Remember, the goal is to build a marketplace where people can participate and earn money from the production and sale of products.

This means that thousands of young Africans can participate in business and earn income as Business Partners no matter where they are, provided they have phones and access to the internet. This is a clear mode of wealth creation and financial inclusion.

In compensation for the access to Economic Empowerment granted to them, these Business Partners shall become Awareness Volunteers and change Agents by promoting Basic Legal Education, Leadership Education and access to justice.


1. Leadership4Leadership Premium Discount Scheme

2. Leadership4Leadership Cluster Scheme

Leadership 4 Leadership Premium Discount Scheme

This is a scheme developed to promote and induce the marketing, distribution and off-take of products and services of our partner organization under the programme.

Additionally, forward and supply contracts are secured from Participating Organizations on behalf of Business Partners under the Scheme. These Business Partners shall in response to bid notices published on the Leadership4Leadership Transactions Platform, bid for these contracts based on terms and conditions contained in each bid notice.

Leadership 4 Leadership Cluster Scheme

Under this scheme, Lawquest Foundation and Soleca shall collaborate with Revacom and other strategic stakeholders to create business clusters and community centres nationwide for SMEs and Artisans.

The Soleca Discount Application and the Soleca Referral Application are leveraged upon by Sub-Consolidators and Business Partners to provide promotions, marketing and distribution services to all businesses within every cluster.


  • Legal Framework       
  • Supporting Agreements
  • Transaction Documents
  • Policies and Guidelines       
  • Soleca VTU Application                
  • Soleca Referral Application 
  • Soleca Discount Application

General Benefits of the Programme

  • Boost in employment and reduction in crime
  • Boost in Mentorship and Leadership Training
  • Wealth creation and poverty reduction
  • Increase in Basic Legal Education and Access to Justice
  • and Value Re-Orientation