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HBH is conceptualized and developed as a solution to the four major problems usually encountered by stakeholders in Agribusiness i.e. access to land, capital, expertise and market (off-take of farm produce).



Hectare by Hectare programme is a unique and innovative agricultural initiative conceptualized and developed as a solution to the four major problems usually encountered by stakeholders in Agribusiness i.e. access to land, capital, expertise and market (off-take of farm produce). It was also developed for the promotion of employment, wealth creation, general public awareness and value re-orientation through Agribusiness.

In collaboration with Franchisees, Proxy farmers, Resident farmers, out-growers and other major stakeholders

in the Agricultural value chain, Adasomi Development Company (ADCL) and other members of Adasomi and Revacom Consortium are through the four schemes of the programme, leveraging on technology to create unique avenues for all adult Africans especially unemployed youths (Farm to Home Agents) to participate in Agriculture and Agribusiness in a manner that optimally unlocks and delivers all the potential benefits in every transaction to all the participants.

Of greater importance and significance is that thousands of unemployed youths can participate in agribusiness, and earn sustainable income no matter where they are once they have phones or access to the internet. This is a clear strategy for wealth creation and financial inclusion. As compensation for the access to economic empowerment granted to them, Farm to Home Agents, with the aid of learning materials developed under the programme, are required to act as awareness volunteers and change Agents under the Hectare by Hectare volunteering Scheme. Under the scheme, these volunteers are involved in organizing seminars and town hall meetings within their given communities to create general public awareness on the following areas: Basic Legal Education, Civic Education, Voters Education, Financial Literacy, basic health education and value re –orientation. They also engage in other volunteering services such as tree planting, road maintenance, maintenance of common community assets, Agricultural extension services, environmental protection and community policing.

With the aid of our robust legal framework sustained by 36 fit for purpose prototype agreements, critical transaction documents, operational policies/ guidelines, 6 purpose built software applications, 14 key market penetration tools and strategies, the programme is designed to be implemented in the whole of Africa through a franchising model that entails the appointment of one Franchise Company for each territory(State) and oneFranchise Cooperative for each community within any given territory.

When fully operational, the programme through its 4(four) schemes, has the potential of directly engaging a minimum of 200,000 persons per territory.


✓  To create unique avenues for all adult Africans to partake in Agriculture and Agribusiness.

✓  To promote wealth creation and poverty reduction through agribusiness.

✓  To promote employment and financial inclusion.

✓  To provide end to end solutions for all types of transactions within the agricultural value chain.

✓  To promote the culture of volunteering among African citizens

✓  To provide a platform for general public awareness and value re-orientation.








A. Under our Farm Estates Scheme, farm estates are developed in rural communities through our unique partnership model that guarantees us easy access to large expanse of land from land-owning communities, individuals and corporate bodies for the development of farm estates.
B. All adult Africans not directly involved in farming are provided opportunities to invest and earn in agriculture as proxy farmers.

C. Our unique funding model developed under this scheme provides us access to funds required for actual cultivation of any agricultural raw material on any scale.

D. Our Farm to Home Agents (mostly unemployed youths) are trained and deployed as Resident farmers to handle day to day maintenance of farm lots on behalf of Proxy farmers.
E. For other Farm to Home Agents who are not selected as Resident farmers, the scheme provides them opportunity to participate in supply of agricultural inputs to the Farm Estates.
F. Through our Young Farmers Development Initiative under this scheme, we are also reinforcing the culture of farming in young people both at primary and secondary school levels by establishing farm estates within their premises and exposing them to the practical aspects of agriculture whilst creating wealth for staff who will own different farm lots within the farm estates as Proxy Farmers. In tertiary institutions and boarding schools, these farm estates are used to produce most of the food to be consumed in their respective/food courts.
G. Our collaboration with development partners under this scheme enables us to raise finance from any of the agricultural intervention funds for stakeholders who are interested in the establishment of processing plants and silos within or outside any of our farm estates. 


A. Under our Adasomi Outgrowers Scheme, we leverage on HBH Community Franchise Cooperative Societies,Logistics Partners, Produce Aggregators, Sub-Consolidators and special market penetration tools to boost off-take of food and agricultural produce from our out-growers in rural communities, thereby providing them greater and seamless access to market for their farm produce.

B. Our Community Franchising Initiative under this scheme, ensures that there shall be a franchise office in every accessible autonomous or designated Community within Africa.

C. Our Community Warehousing System, under this scheme, further guarantees ready off-take and storage for our out-growers. Additionally, it enables our off-takers and out-growers to hold transferable interest in

their produce stored in community warehouses under our Adasomi Warehouse Voucher Initiative.

D. Each franchise office shall be used as a commodity registration center under the Adasomi Community Warehousing Initiative.

E. In furtherance of our understanding with UBA Plc, each franchise office shall become an agent banking outlet under the UBA Agent banking programme.

F. This scheme provides opportunities for our Farm to Home Agents to participate in supply contracts for agricultural inputs to our out-growers.

G. Our Adasomi Cluster Scheme, enables us to create clusters out of existing farms and provide them access to management, consultancy, inputs, raw materials and market, thereby allowing them to enjoy the benefits of economies of scale engendered by shared costs.


A. Our Adasomi Food Court scheme provides easy access to conducive real estate for food vendors who ordinarily would not be able to afford the cost of setting up restaurants. It also provides guaranteed off-take of food from our out-growers and proxy farmers since the participating food vendors are required to source their raw materials from within the Hectare by Hectare value-chain.

B. Under this scheme, all adult Africans (especially those with low investment capital) are given opportunities to invest jointly in real estate and earn income as Value Partners. As Value Partners, they fund the acquisition, development/redevelopment, equipping and furnishing of any property to be used as a Food Court.

C. The scheme provides opportunities for our Farm to Home Agents to earn income by participating in supply contracts for raw materials to the Food Vendors who operate in the Food Courts.

D. Under this scheme refectories in higher institutions of learning are also refurbished and converted to food courts, thereby giving students access to quality and affordable food while at the same time creating opportunity for a lifetime income to staff of each participating Institution.

E. Under the scheme, each food court is designed to have a mini farmers market and meat shop thereby creating further distribution points for our proxy farmers and out-growers.


A. Under our Adasomi Premium Discount Scheme, our Farm to Home Agents (mostly unemployed youths) and members of Consumer Cooperatives, through the use of our referral system, earn residual income by engaging in promoting and marketing of food and agricultural produce for food vendors and food resellers using our referral application.

B. Under the scheme, every Agents Cooperative and Consumer Cooperative is assigned a referral code.

C. Additionally, Farm to Home Agents and members of Consumer Cooperative Societies earn extra income from bidding on the Adasomi bidding and registration platform for forward contracts regularly secured from food producers, processors and resellers.

D. In exchange for access to economic empowerment, Farm to Home Agents through their cooperatives act as volunteers and provide community services in their different communities. Contract lots are awarded based on points earned for community services rendered. These points are awarded based on parameters inputted on the Adasomi bidding and registration software application. 

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