What WE Do

Why Hectare By Hectare?

  • It promotes wealth creation through agribusiness.
  • It promotes employment and financial inclusion
  • It Promotes the culture of volunteering among Nigerian citizens.
  • It provides a platform for general public awareness.
  • It provides end to end solutions for all types of transactions within the agricultural value chain.
What is Hectare By Hectare Programme?

HBH Hectare by Hectare programme is a unique and innovative agricultural initiative conceptualized and developed as a solution to the four major problems usually encountered by stakeholders in agribusiness i.e. access to land, capital, expertise and market (off-take of farm produce). It was also developed for the promotion of employment, wealth creation, general public awareness and value re-orientation through agribusiness.

How It works

  • Register as a stake-holder under any category of your choice, on the hectare by hectare value chain.
  • Under your selected category, follow next step(s) to complete the signup process.
  • Make Payment where necessary Confirm Your registration as a Stake-Holder on the HBH.
  • Perform your functions and duties of your chosen stake-holder category on the HBH value chain.
  • Participate in Bids and win on the HBH Bid Portal. Everyone is a winner on the HBH Value Chain.
  • Register others on the HBH value chain and get additional benefits.
  • Everyone wins on the HBH value chain.


Who are Stake-Holders And What do they do?


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