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HectareByHectare AIMS And OBJECTIVES

Hectare by Hectare programme (HBH) is a unique and innovative agricultural initiative conceptualized and developed as a solution to the four major problems usually encountered by stakeholders in agribusiness i.e. access to land, capital, expertise and market (off-take of farm produce). It was also developed for the promotion of employment, wealth creation, general public awareness and value re-orientation through agribusiness. the objectives of the programme are as follows:

  • To create unique avenues for all adult Nigerians to partake in the revitalization and realization of the nation’s urgent need for food security.
  • To promote wealth creation through agribusiness.
  • To promotion employment.
  • To promote wealth redistribution and financial inclusion.
  • To provide end to end solutions for all types of transactions within the agricultural value chainc.
  • To provide a platform for general public awareness.
  • To promote the culture of volunteering among Nigerian citizens.
  • To provide a platform for general public awareness and value re-orientation.


  • 1. By virtue of a license acquired from the intellectual property owner/licensor by Adasomi Development Company, the programme is being promoted by the company in collaboration with other members of Adasomi consortium in accordance with policies and guidelines contained in the manual of concept, policies and guidelines called the “Green Book” already registered with Nigerian copyright commission. Under the three schemes of the programme, namely; Adasomi Farm Estates Scheme, Adasomi Out-Growers Scheme and Adasomi Premium Discount Scheme; FARM ESTATES are developed in different communities through our unique HBH crowd funding model that enables us to aggregate the investments of proxy farmers (Civil Servants and all other adult Nigerians not directly involved in farming); OUT-GROWERS and FOOD VENDORS are registered and given access to market through Produce Aggregators and REVACOM FOOD COURTS; FARM TO HOME AGENTS (Mostly unemployed youths) are through the use of our HBH software application given access to participate in the production and distribution of food and agricultural produce within and outside the country without running around.

  • 2. In addition to the major stakeholders of the value chain namely; Off-take Aggregators, Produce Aggregators, Sub-Consolidators, State Aggregators, Land Owning Communities, proxy farmers, Operation Partners and food processors. Some participants are also registered and trained to operate as Farm to Home Agents on the downstream segment of the programme. With their capital contributions and low interest bearing loans, they operate and earn income by playing any, some or all the following roles; produce buyers/primary off-takers; distributors of fertilizers, pesticides and other farm inputs by participating in bids on the Hectare By Hectare Electronic Management Platform (HEMAAP) for numerous produce supply contracts created under the programme.

  • 3. We are helping to reduce unemployment by leveraging on technology to connect Farm to Home Agents to food production and distribution nationwide through the Hectare by Hectare value chain. It means that thousands of young Nigerians can participate in the production and supply of food/Agricultural produce and earn extra income no matter where they are once they have smart phones. This is a clear strategy for wealth redistribution and financial inclusion. As compensation for the access to economic empowerment granted to them, Farm to Home Agents (mostly unemployed youths),with the aid of learning materials developed under the programme are required to act as awareness volunteers and change Agents under the Hectare by Hectare volunteering Scheme. Under the scheme, these volunteers are involved in organizing seminars and town hall meetings within their given communities to create general public awareness on the following areas: Basic Legal Education, Civic Education, Voters Education, Financial Literacy, basic health education and value reorientation. They also engage in other volunteering services such as tree planting, road maintenance, maintenance of common community assets, Agricultural extension services, environmental protection and community policing.

  • 4. The programme is designed to be implemented nationwide through a franchising model that entails the appointment of one franchisee for each state of the federation. When fully operational, the programme has the potential of engaging a minimum of 200,000 persons per state.