A Sub Consolidator Packages produce to approved specifications where required. In addition delivers produce to secondary off-takers/end users.

A prospective Sub-Consolidator must:

  • Possess a minimum qualification of WAEC or its equivalent.
  • Complete the Hectare by Hectare sub-consolidator’s registration form and submit same with a valid means of identification (National ID, International passport, Voters card, or Driver’s license).
  • Attend a public or private pre-qualification seminar


  • Providing and maintaining hygienically certified warehouse/produce collection centre.
  • Packaging of produce to approved specifications where required.
  • Delivery of produce to secondary off-takers/end users


  • A selected Sub-Consolidator shall upon receipt of letter of provisional appointment, make a deposit ofN10,000.00Registration fee into the account details as shown below:
  • Bank Name: Fidelity Bank PLC
  • Account Name: Adasomi Development Company Limited
  • Account Number: 4011059393
  • Upon receipt of payment and application form, inspection of the ware house facility shall be conducted.
  • Where the facility meets the required minimum standard, a formal letter of appointment shall be issued to the prospective candidate.
  • Upon issuance of the formal letter of appointment and satisfying terms and conditions of the appointment, the sub-consolidator shall be officially registered as a stakeholder on the hectare by hectare value chain.


  • A sub-consolidator shall be entitled to ware housing fee payable on the produce stored in his/her warehouse.
  • Your registration as a Sub-consolidator shall give you automatic membership of Hectare by hectare cooperative group nearest to you.
  • As a member of the cooperative, you shall be entitled to share of profits earned by the cooperative from the hectare by hectare programme
  • As a member of a Hectare by hectare cooperative group, you shall have easy access to cooperative loan through the cooperative


  • Payment of N10,000.00 every 12 months as registration renewal fee.
  • A sub-consolidator shall show evidence of a minimum of N200,000 N50,000 in his/her escrow account which would act as collateral for goods to be kept in the ware house. (goods to be kept in the warehouse is limited by the amount in the escrow account).
  • A sub-consolidator is expected to obtain and maintain an insurance policy with respect to damages or loss of goods, from a reputable insurance firm making ADCL the beneficiary.
  • A sub-consolidator shall initiate and host community voluntary services within his/her territory


  • You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions stated below and these terms and conditions are subject to change and any changes will be incorporated into the terms and conditions posted here on this website from time to time.
    • References to "you" or "your" are references to registered sub-consolidator.
    • References to “the programme” are references to the Hectare by hectare programme
    • References to "we", "us" or "our" are references to Adasomi Development Company Limited.
    • References to “community” are references to community or communities in which your centre is situated
    • References to “perishable produce” are references to produce that are subject to rapid spoilage and decaying, which has a short shelf life and are not able to withstand days of unrefrigerated storage.
    • References to “non-perishable produce” are references to produce that are not subject to rapid spoilage and decaying, which has a long shelf life and is able to withstand months of unrefrigerated storage
    • References to “secondary off-taker/end user” means the person, company, firm or other entity for whom the produce are stored for pick up
    • Maintain a hygienically certified produce collection center within your community where Secondary off-takers/end users would pick up their produce.
    • Handle the packaging and re-packaging as the case maybe, of the produce which must meet the specification of the secondary off takers/end users.
    • Handle the pick-up or delivery of the produce to secondary off takers/end users as the case maybe.
    • At all times relate with the secondary off takers/end users in a professional and friendly manner
    • Obtain and maintain necessary approvals, consents or permissions from the government, all applicable statutory and regulatory permits, levies, taxes etc for performance of your obligations as contained herein.
    • Obtain and maintain an insurance policy with respect to damages or loss of produce, from a reputable insurance firm that is acceptable to us as well as make us the beneficiary.
    • Provide to us when we require, evidence to establish that such insurance policy has been obtained and is being maintained.
    • Ensure that the pick-up or delivery of the well packaged produce from your centre is done successfully and satisfactorily.
    • Always obtain a certificate of satisfaction to be executed by the secondary off taker/end user at the end of every transaction.
    • You shall charge as demurrage, N100 per kg for non-perishable goods not picked up by secondary off-takers/end users 3 days after its pick up date,
    • You shall auction non-perishable goods that remains in your center 5 days after its pick-up date at 50% of the actual price of the produce
    • You shall not bear the cost of loss if any, of perishable produce not picked up by a secondary off-taker/end user within 24 hours of the date of pick-up
    • You shall dispose of any perishable produce that remains in your center 48 hours after the date of collection
    • You shall be entitled to 8% of profit made from each transaction as consolidation fee.
    • You shall be entitled to 50% of the demurrage charged; the remaining 50% shall be paid to us.
  • INDEMNITY You agree to indemnify us from all liabilities, obligations, costs and expenses whatsoever incurred from the loss, damage or injury caused to secondary off-takers/end users or any third party for any breach of any of the terms of this agreement.
  • In the event of a dispute on any matter connected to or arising from this agreement, you shall endeavor to effect amicable resolution first before resorting to any action in a court of law.
  • GOVERNING LAW AND JURISDICTION: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws and Jurisdiction of The Federal Republic of Nigeria.
    • We shall provide back end customer service support for all the pick-up or delivery from your centre.
    • We shall visit your Centre with or without prior notice for inspection to ensure that a neat and healthy hygiene of the Centre is being maintained.
    • We shall shut down the centre without prior notice and withdraw your license if you are found wanting on paragraph 9(b) above
    • You shall be made to pay for any loss and inconvenience incurred by ADCL as a result of any default by you of any paragraph in this agreement.
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